Solutions Manual for Financial Analysis with Microsoft Excel, 9th Edition By Timothy Mayes

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Edition : 9

Genres : Business, Decision Making, Organization, Accounting, MS Excel

Author : Timothy Mayes

Publisher : Cengage Higher Education

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Gain the hands-on experience and knowledge to solve real financial problems while taking your Excel spreadsheet skills to a new level with Mayes' FINANCIAL ANALYSIS WITH MICROSOFT EXCEL, 9E. This edition provides a reader-friendly solid foundation in corporate finance while teaching you to maximize the spreadsheet tools that professionals use every day. Packed with interesting examples, this edition covers today's most important corporate finance topics and tools, including financial statements, budgets, the Security Market Security Line, pro forma financial statements, cost of capital, Visual Basic Applications (VBA) programming and Excel pivot tables. You study the latest information on time series forecasting and work with Excel's Get & Transform feature to process large data files. This edition's self-directed learning approach and numerous self-study tools let you strengthen spreadsheet skills while equipping you with the expertise today's employers want in corporate finance.

1. Introduction to Excel.
2. The Basic Financial Statements.
3. Financial Statement Analysis Tools.
4. The Cash Budget.
5. Financial Statement Forecasting.
6. Forecasting Sales with Time Series Methods.
7. Break-Even and Leverage Analysis.
8. The Time Value of Money.
9. Common Stock Valuation.
10. Bond Valuation.
11. The Cost of Capital.
12. Capital Budgeting.
13. Risk and Capital Budgeting.
14. Portfolio Statistics and Diversification.
15. Writing User-Defined Functions with VBA.
16. Analyzing Datasets with Tables and Pivot Tables.
Appendix: Directory of User-Defined Functions in FameFncs.xlam.