Instant Download : The Intentional Relationship 2e Renee R. Taylor.

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This groundbreaking book addresses a critical aspect of the occupational therapy practice—the art and science of building effective therapeutic relationships with clients. A distinguished clinician, scientist, and educator, Renée Taylor, PhD, has defined a conceptual practice model, the Intentional Relationship Model, to identify how the client and the therapist each contribute to the unique interpersonal dynamic that becomes the therapeutic relationship. She emphasizes how therapists must act deliberately, thoughtfully, and with vigilant anticipation of the challenges and breakthroughs that have the potential to influence the course of the relationship. In the 2nd Edition, Dr. Taylor adds extensively to the case content with examples ranging across the age and practice setting continuum. She introduces these clients in Chapter 1 and revisits them throughout the book to illustrate the application of the Intentional Relationship Model to a variegated mixture of common interpersonal challenges in occupational therapy practice. She also includes expanded coverage of how to conduct a client interview and to effectively manage difficult client behaviors, conflicts, and other rifts with clients and their caregivers.