Instant Download; Test Bank for Stuttering Foundations and Clinical Applications 1st Edition By Ehud Yairi, Carol Seery

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Edition : 1

Genres : Biology, Medical, Science, Hospital, Nursing, Surgical, Clinical

Author : Ehud Yairi, Carol Seery

Publisher : Pearson Higher Education

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A balanced, current, and comprehensive presentation of the science of stuttering. 

The first edition of Stuttering: Foundations and Clinical Applications contains the most comprehensive and complete presentation of the science and treatment of stuttering available in a single text. Authors Ehud Yairi and Carol H. Seery present a wealth of knowledge on how stuttering is defined, how stuttering is explained, and how stuttering is treated in one strategically organized and comprehensive volume.

This inclusive and sweeping text offers students up-to-date clinical and scientific ideas communicated with the aide of multiple perspectives and engaging activities. Stuttering: Foundations and Clinical Applicationsis unique in its coverage of the stuttering population, its in-depth look at stuttering therapy at various ages, and its original approach that invites students to offer critical appraisals of differing theoretical viewpoints.

Part I Nature of Stuttering
Chapter 1.  What Is Stuttering?
Chapter 2.  Who and How Many Stutter?
Chapter 3.  When and How Does Stuttering Begin?  How Does it Develop?
Chapter 4.  Where Does It End? Advanced Characteristics, Rules, and Phenomena

Part II Explanations of Stuttering
Chapter 5.  Why Do People Stutter? Evaluating Theories and Models
Chapter 6.  Is Stuttering Psychological? Psychoemotional, Psychobehavioral, and Psycholinguistic Theories
Chapter 7.  Is Stuttering Biological? Neurological, Motor, and Genetic Perspectives

Part III Clinical Management of Stuttering
Chapter 8.  Stuttering Therapy: Issues, Directions, Research, Ethics
Chapter 9.  Assessment of Adults and School-Age Children
Chapter 10.  Adult Therapy: Focus on Emotional Reactions
Chapter 11.  Therapy for Adults: Focus on Stuttering and Fluency
Chapter 12.  Therapy for School-Age Children
Chapter 13.  Assessment of Stuttering in Early Childhood
Chapter 14.  Treatment of Preschool-Age Children Who Stutter
Chapter 15.  Other Fluency Disorders and Multicultural/Bilingual Issues