Instant Download; Test Bank for Psychology Themes and Variations, 5th Canadian Edition, By Wayne Weiten, Doug McCann

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Edition : 5ce

Genres : Health, Medical, Hospital, Fitness, Science, Psychology

Author : Wayne Weiten, Doug McCann

Publisher : Cengage Higher Education

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The Fifth Canadian edition maintains this book's hallmark strengths while addressing recent changes in the field, including references to almost 1,000 new articles and scholarly works. The last decade has seen a pronounced trend toward greater brevity in textbooks in psy¬chology, as well as many other fields; to this end, Psychology: Themes and Variations 5th edition manages to come in considerably shorter than previous editions. Engaging narrative frames relevant and contemporary examples that will capture and maintain the attention of anyone studying psychology in Canada. The text continues to provide a unique survey of psychology that meets three goals: to demonstrate the unity and diversity of psychology's subject matter, to illuminate the research process and its link to application, and to make the material challenging and thought-provoking yet easy to learn. Weiten and McCann deliver a successful balance of scientific authoritativeness and a student-friendly approach through the integration of seven unifying themes, an unparalleled didactic art program, real-life examples, and a streamlined set of learning aids that help students see beyond research to big-picture concepts.

Chapter 1: The Evolution of Psychology
Chapter 2: The Research Enterprise in Psychology
Chapter 3: The Biological Bases of Behaviour
Chapter 4: Sensation and Perception
Chapter 5: Variations in Consciousness
Chapter 6: Learning
Chapter 7: Human Memory
Chapter 8: Language and Thought
Chapter 9: Intelligence and Psychological Testing
Chapter 10: Motivation and Emotion
Chapter 11: Human Development across the Life Span
Chapter 12: Personality: Theory, Research, and Assessment
Chapter 13: Social Behaviour
Chapter 14: Stress, Coping, and Health
Chapter 15: Psychological Disorders
Chapter 16: Treatment of Psychological Disorders

Appendix A: Answers to Concept Checks
Appendix B: Statistical Methods