Instant Download; Test Bank for Medical Terminology for Health Care Professionals, 9th Edition By Jane Rice

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Edition : 9

Genres : Health, Medical, Hospital, Fitness, Science, Psychology

Author : Jane Rice

Publisher : Pearson Higher Education

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Medical Terminology for Health Care Professionals will help students quickly master the modern terminology of healthcare, and learn techniques for decoding any new term throughout their careers. It offers an intuitive system for learning medical vocabulary by building terms from word parts. Every chapter is built around a color-coded word list that shows how word parts are built, pronounced, and defined. Readers are introduced to medical terminology and its essential suffixes and prefixes, and then guided through each key body system. Proven to build both proficiency and confidence in students with a wide range of backgrounds and goals, special topics range from cancer, to mental illness, to lifespan considerations. Innovative pedagogy throughout the book offers plenty of opportunities for students to learn, practice, and connect terminology to real-world clients and clinical settings. The Ninth Edition integrates a new Insights feature that familiarizes readers with some of the latest coding terminology being used in The Complete Official Codebook ICD-10-CM, 2016, better preparing them for working in the field of modern healthcare.

  1. Introduction to Medical Terminology

  2. Suffixes

  3. Prefixes

  4. Organization of the Body

  5. Integumentary System

  6. Skeletal System

  7. Muscular System

  8. Digestive System

  9. Cardiovascular System

  10. Blood and Lymphatic System

  11. Respiratory System

  12. Urinary System

  13. Endocrine System

  14. Nervous System

  15. Special Senses: The Ear

  16. Special Senses: The Eye

  17. Female Reproductive System with an Overview of Obstetrics

  18. Male Reproductive System

  19. Oncology

  20. Radiology and Nuclear Medicine

  21. Mental Health

Appendix I: Answer Key

Appendix II: Glossary of Word Parts

Appendix III: Abbreviations and Symbols