Instant Download; Test Bank for Introduction to Clinical Psychology, 4th Edition By John Hunsley, Catherine Lee

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Edition : 4

Genres : Biology, Medical, Science, Hospital, Nursing, Surgical, Clinical

Author : John Hunsley, Catherine Lee

Publisher : F. A. Davis

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This “hands-on” learning tool is the perfect complement to the 6th Edition of Clinical Kinesiology and Anatomy!

Divided into three sections, it will help you to prepare for lab, guide you through lab activities, and serve as an after-lab review that ensures you build a solid knowledge base of kinesiology.

I. Basic Clinical Kinesiology and Anatomy
1. Basic Information
2. Skeletal System
3. Articular System
4. Arthrokinematic
5. Muscular System
6. Nervous System
7. Circulatory System
8. Basic Biomechanics

II. Clinical Kinesiology and Anatomy of the Upper Extremities
9. Shoulder Girdle
10. Shoulder Joint
11. Elbow Joint
12. Wrist Joint
13. Hand

III. Clinical Kinesiology and Anatomy of the Trunk
14. Temporomandibular Joint
15. Neck and Trunk
16. Respiratory System
17. Pelvic Girdle

IV. Clinical Kinesiology and Anatomy of the Lower Extremities
18. Hip
19. Knee
20. Ankle Joint and Foot

V. Clinical Kinesiology and Anatomy of the Body
21. Posture
22. Gait