Instant Download; Test Bank for Calculating Drug Dosages A Patient-Safe Approach to Nursing and Math, 1st Edition By Sandra Luz Martinez De Castillo, Maryanne Werner-McCullough

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Edition : 1

Genres : Biology, Medical, Science, Hospital, Nursing, Surgical, Clinical

Author : Sandra Luz Martinez De Castillo, Maryanne Werner-McCullough

Publisher : F. A. Davis

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Master math concepts. Ensure patient safety.
Conquer your fears and understand the most common math concepts used in nursing practice today. Step-by-step guidance shows you how to accurately calculate drug dosages using all four methods. Build your confidence with thousands of review questions in the text and interactive exercises online at DavisPlus.

The text Calculating Drug Doses is very helpful in teaching dimensional analysis. I was able to help 4th semester students with their clinical drug test achieve 100% with the examples in the book! I would recommend this text for beginning and advanced RN students.
– Pamela Vogel, RN MSN WHNP, Fresno City College

I. Safety in Medication Administration

1. Safety in Medication Administration

2. The Drug Label

II. Systems of Measurement

3. The Metric System

4. The Household System

III. Methods of Calculation

5. Linear Ratio and Proportion

6. Fractional Ratio and Proportion

7. Dimensional Analysis

8. The Formula Method

IV. Administration of Medications

9. Calculating Oral Medication Doses

10. Syringes and Needles

11. Calculating Parenteral Medication Doses

12. Preparing Powdered Parenteral Medications

13. Administration of Insulin

V. IV Therapy and Administration of Intravenous Medications

14. Intravenous Infusions and Infusion Rates

15. Calculating Infusion and Completion Time

16. Administering Direct IV Medications

VI. Verifying Safe Dose and Critical Care Calculations

17. Verifying Safe Dose

18. Titration of Intravenous Medications

VII. Intake and Output

19. Calculating Intake and Output

20. Parenteral Intake

VIII. Dosages for Pediatric and Elderly Populations

21. Considerations for the Pediatric Population

22. Considerations for the Older Adult Population

Appendix: Answer Key
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