Instant Download; Test Bank for Advanced Accounting 4th Edition By Hamlen, Huefner, Largay

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Edition : 4

Genres : Business & Economics, Advanced Accounting, Financial Accounting, Managerial Accounting, Financial Accounting

Author : Hamlen, Huefner, Largay

Publisher : Cambridge

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This book covers reporting for mergers and acquisitions, foreign currency transactions, hedges, state and local governments, not-for-profit organizations, plus specialized topics. Discussion of each topic focuses on key concepts, with many illustrations from practice, using familiar organizations. Emphasis is on the logic behind reporting standards and requirements, presented in a student-friendly way. Coverage is completely updated for the newest FASB and GASB pronouncements and proposals, as well as relevant IFRS. Illustrations of business practice are taken from current financial statements and events.

The text has extensive student and instructor support. PowerPoint slides, eLecture videos, guided examples, and online homework and quizzes provide students with additional learning resources, and allow instructors to use class time efficiently and effectively.

Chapter 1: Intercorporate Investments: An Overview (pg. 2)
Chapter 2: Mergers and Acquisitions (pg. 36)
Chapter 3: Consolidated Financial Statements: Date of Acquisition (pg. 84)
 Chapter 4: Consolidated Financial Statements Subsequent to Acquisition (pg. 128)
Chapter 5: Consolidated Financial Statements: Outside Interests (pg. 186)
Chapter 6: Consolidated Financial Statements: Intercompany Transactions (pg. 242)
Chapter 7: Consolidating Foreign Currency Financial Statements (pg. 290)
Chapter 8: Foreign Currency Transactions and Hedging (pg. 346)
Chapter 9: Futures, Options and Interest Rate Swaps (pg. 396)
 Chapter 10: State and Local Governments: Introduction and General Fund Transactions (pg. 438)
Chapter 11: State and Local Governments: Other Transactions (pg. 494)
Chapter 12: State and Local Governments: External Financial Reporting (pg. 546)
Chapter 13: Private Not-For-Profit Organizations (pg. 592)
Chapter 14: Partnership Accounting and Reporting (pg. 642)
Chapter 15: Bankruptcy and Reorganization (pg. 698)
Chapter 16: The SEC and Financial Reporting (pg. 744)  Index (pg. 778)