Instant Download : Marketing Real People, Real Choices, 10e Michael R. Solomon; Marshall; Stuart.

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For undergraduate principles of marketing courses. Companies don’t make decisions. People do. Marketing: Real People, Real Choices is the only text to introduce marketing from the perspective of real people, who make real marketing decisions, at leading companies every day. Timely and relevant, this reader-friendly text shows students how marketing concepts are implemented, and the impacts they can have on a company. Featuring new information, examples, and assessment, the 10th Editioncontinues its focus on the core issues every marketer needs to know, including value, analytics and metrics, and ethical and sustainable marketing. It also emphasizes the importance of branding oneself and shows students how the concepts they learn in class apply directly to their own personal marketing plan. With this text, students take an active approach to understanding marketing through decision making and are well equipped to tackle what’s happening in the world of marketing today.