Instant Download : Criminal Evidence From Crime Scene to Courtroom, 2e Derek Regensburger

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With lucid text, four-color illustrations, and abundant examples, Criminal Evidence: From Crime Scene to Courtroom, Second Edition, follows the path of evidence throughout the criminal justice process. Derek Regensburger offers a clear introduction to the principles of evidence and instructions for collecting, preserving, and presenting evidence in a criminal case. Actual trials and news excerpts bring the material to life as they illustrate the role of evidence in real cases. Online videos of mock trial scenes reinforce students’ understanding of key concepts covered in the book.

New to the Second Edition:

  • Federal Rules of Evidence—updated to reflect the restyling that took place at the end of 2011
  • Reordered chapters that better accommodate the discussion of terminology and the criminal justice process
  • Discussion of the reliability of forensic evidence has been given its own chapter and updated with the most recent studies and cases, including a 2016 report on the issue authored by the President’s Council on Science and Technology
  • Coverage of the authentication of social media posts has been greatly expanded and treated separately
  • Discussion of expert testimony reflects recent changes such as increased acceptance of the Daubert standard for admission
  • Evidence in Action articles have been updated and expanded to feature recent events, including the George Zimmerman trial and the Bill Cosby sexual assault trial
  • New and expanded discussions of preemptory challenges and Kentucky v. Batson; appeal of right, ineffective assistance of counsel, habeas corpus petitions; Biggers factors and eyewitness identifications; subpoena duces tecum; grand jury subpoenas; the validity of hair comparison analysis and bite mark identification; same-sex marriage and spousal privilege; health records of a crime victim; admissibility of statements made by young children to teachers

Professors and students will benefit from:

  • Straightforward text that follows the evidence from collection to trial
  • Accessible three-part organization
    • I. The Collection and Preservation of Evidence
    • II. Pretrial Matters